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Current mortgage rates are seen below. Feel free to click on several lenders to view additional loan and program information. Keep in mind that the lenders below may vary on minor fees, loan processes and/or stipulations, so it makes sense to check out several. Mortgage rates today are at some of the lowest we have seen in history, so now is the best time to take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates. Every lender is slightly different, so read all information thoroughly and be sure to ask questions until you are completely satisfied. You have every right to have all your questions answered!
Here are Current Mortgage Rates for today –

The above lenders offer some of the best rates and programs available in today’s current lending climate. With the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve Board has committed to stimulating the economy, by keeping current mortgage rates low in an effort to help jump start the economy via the housing market.
As with all credit in today’s market, credit scores are paramount to the best rates. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have super high credit scores, as with the rock bottom mortgage rates today, you can still get a fantastic mortgage! Even if you’re slightly higher rate than the best available, its still lower than many generations have had in the past. In the late seventies and early eighties, interest rates were in double digits. That’s over 10% Yikes!Current Mortgage Rates
Current mortgage rates today are better than half of that, so considerably cheaper than in times past. Interest rate is only a portion of the factors to consider with your new loan. In addition to rate, verify all fees as well as any out of pocket expenses prior to proceeding with any financial institution, whether it be a bank or mortgage broker. Lastly, make sure you get an itemized Good Faith Estimate and any conditions of your loan in writing prior to committing to any out of pocket expenses.
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